Get Your Premium New Zealand Sheepskin Rug.

Premium New Zealand Sheepskin Rug

Get your super-lush Premium New Zealand Sheepskin Rug. 100% natural and every bit as soft to touch as it looks. 


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Rebecca Jamieson Verified Buyer

"Exactly as advertised only prettier in person"

"I bought it for newborn photos . This product is exactly as advertised, only prettier in person. It is a white--milky--color, with just a "haze" of ivory. I knew it wouldn't be a" really white white", but that's ok. I have photoshop. The depth is about a 1-1/2 of soft, luxurious fur. I would order this rug again. Very nice rug and a good price."


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$99.99 USD

It's more than a rug; it's an experience.

This Premium New Zealand Sheepskin Rug is one of the finest the industry has to offer. It's for anyone looking for a better way to present their home beautifully. No matter your home decor needs or what your budget is, this rug will help your personality and sense of style shine through; adding texture and instant coziness to any room.

New Zealand Sheepskin Rug

Your unique rug.

If it wasn't for this luxury rug being 100% natural, many customers would have never bought one. No two rugs are identical

High-quality pelts hand-picked by experts

Own a real sheepskin rug unique to you

Enviromentally friendly and chemical free

Premium New Zealand Sheepskin Rug over chair

Imagine plush deep fur.

You won't stop thinking about the way that the super-dense fur snugly curls between your toes and how it makes you feel inside.

Thick, plush and incredibly soft to the touch

1.5 inch deep pile that's Heaven underfoot

Use to accent chairs or rest your head on

All across the US and Canada, thousands of happy customers are enjoying owning one of our Premium New Zealand Sheepskin Rugs. Some blog about the luxurious plush fur; others share images of their stylish homes; many simply write to say 'thank you'.

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Black Premium New Zealand Sheepskin Rug
Ivory Premium New Zealand Sheepskin Rug
Ivory double pelt Premium New Zealand Sheepskin Rug
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Ivory Double Pelt

$49.99  $99.00  (Save: $49.01

$119.99  $161.00  (Save: $42.00)

$49.99  $99.00  (Save: $49.01

Just like you, we're passionate about style.

The Premium New Zealand Sheepskin Rug is available in a wide selection of beautiful colors and sizes. 
Brown Premium New Zealand Sheepskin Rug
Gray and Ivory Premium New Zealand Sheepskin Rug
Brown and Ivory Premium New Zealand Sheepskin Rug
Honey Brown
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Gray & Ivory
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Brown & Ivory

$49.99  $99.00  (Save: $49.01

$49.99  $99.00  (Save: $49.01

$49.99  $99.00  (Save: $49.01

Champagne Four Pelt Premium New Zealand Sheepskin Rug
Ivory Faux Sheepskin rug
Champagne Four Pelt
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Ivory Faux  

$209  $282.00  (Save: $73.00)

$29.99  $49.99  (Save: $20.00

Ivory Four Pelt New Zealand Sheepskin Rug
Ivory Four Pelt

$199  $269.00  (Save: $70.00)

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Karen Smith Verified Buyer

"Love my rug. SUPER dense"

"Love my rug, I found a bench that I wanted with a sheepskin fur on the top and it was almost $2,000 for my closet. I used the rug to cover the bench that I had and it looks fabulous! I compared this to a Bowron sheepskin that I purchased on Amazon several years ago. You can see that the Super Area Rugs sheep is smaller - (18" wide at the widest point and 33" in length). But it is SUPER dense. I'm just guessing of course, but I would say it's twice as dense as the Bowron.  I would have preferred something a little larger, but for me the density outweighs the smaller size."


The Cup of Life

Celeste Muirr Verified Buyer

"One of the best rugs I have seen"

 "The rug is exquisite, fluffy, thick,and soft. I think it is too pretty for a floor, so instead, I use it as a throw on the back of a chair. It is one of the best quality rugs that I have seen. 


The Cup of Life

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"An easy and inexpensive way to let every room ooze with texture that begs to be touched."

baby on New Zealand sheepskin rug

Adorable. Safe. Certified.

Our sheepskin rugs are Woolmark certified.  This guarantees that your new rug is of the highest quality. 

Sanitized against germs and hypoallergenic

Woolmark certified high-quality standard

Suitable for all ages including infants 

Sheepskin rugs as chair throws

"Thick, thick, thick"

"Got these to put on my kitchen chairs-yowza they are SUPER plush and thick. I was expecting thin skins but these are luxurious."

Ingrid - July 17th, 2016

Hey georgie
sheepskin rug as motorcycle seat cover

"Five Stars"

"Bought a double skin for padding on long motorcycle rides. The skin was very long, cut some off and had an absolutely great ride to Albuquerque, from Denver. Extra plush and perfect for my saddle.

Heath LaRue - August 6th, 2016

The Everyday Tea Blog
hand on pink sheepskin rug

"Soft and beautiful"

"I prefer to actually see and touch an expensive item before taking the plunge and buying it, so decided to purchase the smaller pink sheepskin. Omg, it is so beautiful and soft. It's like petting a very long haired dog. "

PF - January 2nd, 2017

Aubrielle Billig
baby girl on sheepskin rug

"Very soft"

"My 10-month-old daughter loves it! Great accent piece. It's as pictured, ours had a slight cream tint to it, but it's appealing. I couldn't discern a smell either."

Kristin - August 14th, 2015

Girl Meets Box
resting feet on ivory and brown sheepskin rug

"I love, love, love it"

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and so does my hubby and cats. It is exactly what I hoped for and more. Thank you!"

Sue S. - December 1st, 2016

Sinday Tea and Books

Product Reviews

Naomi Bishop Verified Buyer

"Super soft and exactly what I expected"

"This is super soft and exactly what I expected. I wanted the whitest one possible, and I emailed the sellers my order number; they were very communicative and helpful in fulfilling my request. This is such a great piece -- adds instant coziness to any home! It is so soft and natural furs are much more environmentally friendly. I am very happy with my purchase and would gladly buy again! Thanks!"


The Cup of Life

Chris McCarron Verified Buyer

"Incredibly pleased with my purchase and I'd buy another"

"I bought this to lounge on and to accent a chair, and oh man is this thing comfy. The fur is so thick, plush, and incredibly soft to the touch. It's very nice to sit on or to lay over the back of a chair/couch and rest your head on. It's a beautiful cream color in the right light, so not as white as the picture. I'm incredibly pleased with my purchase and I'd buy another."


The Cup of Life

Dasha Hill Verified Buyer

"I love this sheepskin for its plush, deep fur"

"I love this sheepskin for its plush, deep fur. I use it for a cushion on the bed and in the car while recovering from back surgery. It has made a difference for my comfort level, especially when in my car. It is an 'area rug' which can be machine washed, line dried. Note: this product is marketed as an area rug, is heaven underfoot."


The Cup of Life
Honey Brown Sheepskin rug

"Sweet color"

"This is a sweet honey brown. This sheepskin is an awesome value. Unexpected quality at this price point. It is beautiful, thick, and silky. Very clean and nicely finished. No odors. The size is as described. My kitties like it. Excellent buy!"

Lucybell - February 23rd, 2017

sheep rocking horse made from sheepskin

"Five Stars"

"Was perfect for finishing off the "rocking sheep" I made for my daughter. My daughter loves it. Cozy!"

Brian DeJager - February 7th, 2017

chair with sheepskin rug throw

"Perfect size"

"Exactly the look I was going for. Perfect size & shape. Super soft. Looks great thrown over my mid-century modern style chair. "

Napa Jerae - July 22nd, 2016

Champagne 4 Pelt


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Ivory 4 Pelt


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Ivory Double Pelt


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When deciding between the perfect rug or saving money, always choose both.